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 hiking Nepal trekking Nepal hiking in Nepal
Nepal 70 treks in Nepal
 Welcome in Nepal Ecology Treks 23 years old trekking agency in Kathmandu

menu Trekking in Nepal Hiking nepal trekking in Tibet hiking in Ladakh

Nepal hiking 

trekking  Nepal Tibet hiking

   Nepal Trekking
* Nepal hiking 70 trekking in Nepal Tibet Ladakh
* Tibet hiking tour travel
* Ladakh hiking tour
* Annapurna hiking tour
* Everest hiking trekking
* Langtang hiking trekking
* manaslu trekking hiking
* dolpo trekking hiking 
* dhaulagiri trekking hiking
* mustang trekking hiking
* Ladakh trekking hiking
* Kathmandu valley hiking
* Helambu villages hiking
*  trekking peaks climbing
* Tibet travel trekking
*  Nepal tour 13 days
* Chitwan wildlife
* our Charity action


 All hiking trekking in Nepal
- Annapurnas Hiking 11 treks
- Everest trekking
- Langtang trekking

- Gosaikund trekking
- Helambu trekking

- Kathmandu valley
- monastry and valley

- Dolpo trekking
- mustang trekking
- Manaslu trekking
- Manaslu Annapurna

- Mountain hotel stay
- Nepal Tour 13 days
- Dhaulagiri Trekking
- Trekking Peaks
-TIBET travel hiking trekking

Tibet Travel Hiking
-Tibet 8 days group Travel
-Tibet 10 days Tavel
-Tibet 11 days Travel
-Tibet travel with trek
-Tibet travel discover 15
Tibet Tour travel-5 days

-Mont Kailash hiking 14 -Kailash- Manasarovar Lake
Tibet Everest BC hiking

-Kailash Saga Dawa hiking
-Shisha Pangma hiking


Ladakh Travel Hiking
-Darcha- Lamayuru hiking
-Darcha - Padum trekking
-Ladakh 18 days tour
-Ladakh - Nubra Valley
-Lamayuru -Chilling trek
-Markha- Dungdunchen
-Sham-Likir Stok trekking
-Markha Valley trekking
-Monastery 9 days trek
-Padum -Lamayuru Trek
-Saboo- Khalsar Treking

Everest Travel Hiking
-Everest 8 days hiking
Everest Kalapathar 13 days
Everest Base Camp 17days
Everest B C Gokyo Lakes
Everest Chola Pass 17days

Everest Travel Hiking
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 Humanitarian agency
Our agency is working uniquely in Humanitarian goal. By results of treks, stays, and expeditions, our humanitarian organisation built one free dispensary wich served in average (18.600 Nepalese per year ) and 3 schools for poors chidrens in Nepal. In Tibet we provide financial help to a tibetan orphanage . Each person who come in Nepal with our organisation, represent for us the purchase of medicine or scolarship for poor childrens.

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*Menu 70 Treks*

Nepal hiking 70 trekking in Nepal Tibet Ladakh

trekking hiking menu 70 Trekking Nepal Tibet Ladakh
links to 70 trekking tours and stay and wildlife safari

Annapurna hiking / Everest hiking / Langtang hiking / Helambu hiking / Kathmandu Valley hiking / Dolpo hiking / Dhaulagiri hiking / Manaslu hiking / trekking Peaks / Tibet hiking travel /
Ladakh hiking / wildlife safari chitwan /Nepal Great tour 12 days /mountain hotel stay

Annapurna trekking Annapurna hiking
11 trekking annapurna
*Annapurna 4 days hiking
*Annapurna balcony 8 days trekking 
*Annapurna Mustang gate 9 days trekking 
*Annapurna Jomosom Kaligandaki 9 days hiking
*Annapurna Base Camp Sanctuary 11 days hiking
*Annapurna Great Tour in 13 days hiking
*Annapurna Base Camp and Ghorepani 15 days hiking
*Annapurna Great Tour 17 days hiking
*Annapurna Great Tour and Tilicho Lake 20 days hiking
*Annapurna Great Tour 21 days hiking 
*Annapurna Great Tour+ Sanctuary 23 days hiking


Helambu Hiking helambu trekking in helambu hiking
*Helambu villages and ethnic villages 4 days easy hike 
*Helambu villages and ethnic villages 6 days easy hike
*Helambu villages and ethnic villages 7 days hiking
*Helambu villages and ethnic villages 9 days hiking
*Rhododendron trekking and ethnic villages 12 days hiking  


Everest Hiking trekking Everest 4 hiking
 *Everest 8 days hiking to Dingboche hiking
*Everest Kalapathar Base Camp 13 days hiking
*Everest Base Camp 17 days hiking
*Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes 21 days trekking
*Everest Chola pass BC Gokyo Lakes 20 days trekking


Langtang Hiking Gosaikund trekking
in Langtang hiking
*Gosaikund Helambu Sacred lakes 9 days trekking
*Langtang Gosaikund Helambu 12 days trekking
*Langtang Gosaikund Helambu 13 days trekking
*Langtang Naya Canga Tsergo Ri peaks 16 days trekking


Dolpo Hiking dolpo trekking dolpo Rara lake, Dho Tharap or from Dunai to Jumla
*Dolpo Trekking Dho Tharap 13 days trekking
*Dolpo trekking from Dunai to Jumla 22 days trekking
*Dolpo trekking to Rara Lake 11 days trek


Chiwan wildlife safari tour, nepal Great tour,
nature stay in mountain hotel and Kathmandu visit
*Chitwan wild life 4 days safari in Chitwan National Park
*Nepal Great Tour travel Kathmandu Chitwan Pokhara
*Nature stay in mountain hotel & visits of ancient royal capitals


Kathmandu Valley trekking villages around Kathmandu
*4 Day Hiking in the Kathmandu Valley villages easy trek
*Kathmandu 4 days trekking,Pokhara,Chitwan wildlife
*Kathmandu ancient villages 8 Day Trek
*Monasterys around Kathmandu and valley 11 days


Dhaulagiri Hiking Dhaulagiri trekking in Dhaulagiri
*Dhaulagiri and Thapa Peak 21 days ascencion trekking
*Dhaulagiri Base Camp and French pass 20 days trekking


Manaslu Hiking Manaslu trekking around
manaslu- annapurna trekking
*Manaslu tour manaslu Great tour 18 days hiking
*Manaslu great tour and Annapurna tour 24 days hiking


trekking peaks trekking peaks with climbing
*3 Peaks in Langtang and ascension 18 days trekking
*4 Peaks Langtang Helambu ascension 20 days trekking
*Langtang Naya Kanga & ascension 16 days trekking
*Island Peak and Everest BC ascension 22 days trekking
*Thapa Peak and Dhaulagiri ascension 21 days trekking
*Mera Peak and ascension 22 days trekking 
*Pisang Peak and ascension 16 days trekking  
*Pisang Peak and Annapurna ascension 20 days trekking 
*Chulu East trekking ascension 20 days trekking


 Tibet Hiking trekking travel

Ladakh hiking trekking Ladakh travel
Tibet 8 days group Travel
Tibet 10 days Tavel
Tibet 11 days Travel
Tibet travel with trek
Tibet travel discover 15 days
Tibet Tour travel-5 days

Mont Kailash hiking 14 days
Kailash- Manasarovar Lake
Tibet Everest BC hiking

Kailash Saga Dawa hiking
Shisha Pangma hiking
 Darcha- Lamayuru hiking
Darcha - Padum trekking
Ladakh 18 days tour
Ladakh - Nubra Valley
Lamayuru -Chilling trek
Markha- Dungdunchen
Sham-Likir Stok trekking
Markha Valley trekking
Monastery 9 days trek
Padum -Lamayuru Trek
Saboo- Khalsar Treking

Trekking Helambu hiking

Helambu hiking 4 days
Helambu trekking 6 days
Helambu trekking 7 days
Helambu trekking 9 days


Nepal Tibet Ladakh
23 years old trekking agency
licence Nbr No:2957/051/52

Tel ( 977 1 ) 4430665 & 4430664 . Fax. ( 977 1) 4439783.
Office Address: Post Box N: 12441
Lazimpat, Dhobichaur, Kathmandu (back of King Palace). NEPAL.


All our porters are insured, (which is not done in many treks)and guide and porters are also insured for Helicopter rescue ! . The porters are part of our trek and are not considered as beasts of burden, as often practised elsewhere.....


trekking nepal trekking annapurna trekking everest trekking langtang trekking gosaikund trekkings 70 treks in nepal Tibet