7 tips for wearing parachute pants

| April 21, 2024

Parachute pants, once the preserve of manual workers and outdoor sports enthusiasts, have now become an essential part of the modern male wardrobe. Appreciated for their comfort, practicality and casual style, they offer a multitude of possible wardrobe combinations. But mastering the art of wearing cargo trousers isn't always easy. To help you make the most of this trendy piece, here are 7 useful tips.

1. Choose the right cut

If you go to https://www.the-parachute-pants.com/ to choose your parachute pants, opt for a model with a slim waist to emphasise your silhouette, or a straight cut for a more casual style. Avoid trousers that are too wide or too baggy, as they can constrict your figure.

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If you have a slim, trim figure , opt for a slim fit at the waist and ankles to emphasise your shape and avoid the 'baggy' effect that can be created by baggy styles. A slightly slim-fitting cargo suit will be your ally.

If you have an athletic build, choose a straight cut or a slightly slim fit at the waist to emphasise your build without sacrificing comfort. Avoid trousers that are too tight, as they can excessively mould your calves.

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2. Choose noble materials

Cargo trousers come in a variety of materials, from cotton to nylon to denim. For a chic, elegant look, opt for noble fabrics like Italian cotton or chino. These fabrics offer impeccable fit and optimum comfort.

3. Wear pockets well

Cargo pockets are one of the distinctive features of these trousers. Don't overload them or you'll look sloppy. Distribute your belongings evenly between the different pockets to maintain the visual balance of the garment.

4. Matching parachute pants

Parachute pants can be paired with a multitude of items: a t-shirt for a casual look, a shirt for a more chic look, or a jumper for a cosy style. For a harmonious look, make sure the other elements of your outfit are more fitted to contrast with the fullness of the cargo trousers.

5. Choose the right shoes

Shoes play a crucial role in the balance of an outfit. For a casual look, opt for sneakers or boots. For a dressier look, derbies or loafers are perfect. Avoid sandals and flip-flops, which risk looking too unkempt.

6. Pay attention to accessories

Accessories can enhance your look and give it a touch of personality. A leather belt will emphasise your waist, while a necklace or bracelet will add a touch of fantasy. But be careful not to overload your outfit with accessories.

7. Caring for your parachute pants

Like any item of clothing, cargo trousers need regular care. Machine wash them according to the instructions on the label and iron them carefully to keep them looking their best.

By following this advice, you'll be able to wear cargo trousers to perfection and adopt a trendy, casual style. Don't hesitate to experiment with different combinations to find your own style.


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